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Bruno Paillard Blanc of Blancs Grand Cru

Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard Blanc of Blancs Grand Cru

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Bruno Paillard Blanc from Blancs Grand Cru is a champagne made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes, also known as “the Champagne Lace” for its very thin and persistent white mousse…

It is a champagne of a very pale and bright color with green reflections. Effervescence is lighter than in other champagnes thanks to less potent bottle fermentation.

On the nose, the first aromas are citrus - lime and grapefruit - followed by white flowers. When opened in the glass, a touch of almond and toast appears.

Finally, on the palate, the entrance is lively, leading to a complex combination of citrus fruits and white flowers. Effervescence is extremely fine, silky and creamy. The finish is fresh and long.

 7-8º C
 Champagne, France 

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