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Bruno Paillard Rose Premiere Cuvee

Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard Rose Premiere Cuvee

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An anthem to the brilliant delicacy of Pinot Noir, the Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvee Rosé champagne bears this name because of its composition only in the first pressing.

It has a pink color that covers with a hint of raspberry when young it evolves into salmon as it ages. The fine bubbles are due to a careful selection of the best grapes, with perfectly controlled temperature in the cellar and very long aging.

The initial aromas of red currant and red fruits evolve to morello cherry, wild strawberry and violet when breathing in the glass. A touch of lemon denotes the discreet presence of Chardonnay. With age, the aromas tend to dark fruits like black cherry, fig and blackberry.

Reveals red fruit captured with all its freshness. The ending is bright and long.

 Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
 7-8º C
 Champagne, France 

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