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Muga Tower


Muga Tower

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Torre Muga surprises you with its easy to drink character and “good manners”. On the nose it is attractive, with more fresh fruits than we are used to finding in this type of wine. Precise balance between raspberries and spicy oak that is not yet fully integrated. On the one hand, the fruit is complex, difficult to define, and on the other hand we have clearly defined spices: black pepper, cloves, vanilla and a little charcoal.

The spicy dominates, a little drier, but more elegant and very rich in nuances. The fruit only returns after a few seconds in the after-taste where we find the raspberries, peaches and ripe plums. It is a little more reddish than purple on the edge, suggesting excellent acidity.

Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano
16-18º C
 Rioja, Spain 

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